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Maistrali restaurant - Traditional food combined with a great view. Located on the high Kefalos old village hill close to the old castle.


The Peros family welcomes you to our Maistrali, our greek restaurant which offers to our customers the taste of homemade.


The family consists of 6 members, enough people to run the restaurant on their own. Starting from the left we see the oldest son of the family, Harry the Greek as he calls himself. Continuing we move to Zacharias, our number 3 out of the four sons. Jumping to the other side of the picture we see the two men in Black. Those are Yannis (the youngest in the family) and Antonis who is the number 2.


Of course we could not forget the two people who have created this nice family. Those are Manolis and Polyxeni, our papa and mama. Papa Manolis is well known to everyone in the village with the nickname 'Kapsoulis' and mama Polyxeni to the german people as 'Policia'.


Concentrating on mama's nickname, Policia means 'police' in English and this name was given to her simply because as all the greek mamas she as well continues asking her children, although they are old enough, whether they have eaten and slept well or felt weak and needed anything from mama.


We would like once again to welcome you and let you know that our Maistrali is our home, a home which we can share with you for some time and show you around.


Visit our Kefalos village and visit us for the experience.


The Peros Family