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Maistrali restaurant - Traditional food combined with a great view. Located on the high Kefalos old village hill close to the old castle.


Our customers are allowed to park next to the restaurant (Point A) on the left side of the road in direction to the old castle.


In case of parking unavailability at point A, there are also 2 other public parking areas close to the restaurant. The first parking area (Point B) is located opposite the National Bank and the other one (Point C) behind the Kefalos local municipal office which is found within 1 minute after taking the first turn to the left when entering the old village.


Although the points A and B are easily visible the parking place of point C is located behind the local Municipal office with its entrance being at the right site of that office.


The walking distance from point C to Maistrali is a 2 minutes one and from point B the restaurant is only a few seconds away.