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Our Story

Maistrali restaurant - Traditional food combined with a great view. Located on the high Kefalos old village hill close to the old castle.


Maistrali's opening day was on 17.06.2016. The idea of opening this nice restaurant on the hill of Kefalos belongs to Manolis, the owner of it. He wanted to combine the good food with the nice view this place offers.


Maistrali is the greek translation of the word Mistral, a strong, cold, northwesterly wind which is the result of an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs mainly in the winter and spring in the gulf of the Mediterranean sea.


The restaurant's logo has been exclusively designed by the Peros family members. They wanted themselves to combine in that logo the greek meaning of the word Mistral together with the Kefalos village winter winds in addition with the traditional homemade food our restaurant offers, as they all could actually imagine it.


Our logo is combined by a compass which is the main tool a captain uses to find his way in the sea. The letter 'S' from the name Maistrali is placed below the compass. This is an indication that shows Kefalos South-west location on the map. Concentrating further on that logo's letter, if someone looks more carefully he realises that this letter's 2 ends both have a dot, one of them representing the Kefalos old castle and the other one the mountain Zini.


Sitting at Maistrali's courtyard you see on your left side and only a few metres away the old castle, having on your right side but this time a few kilometres away from our restaurant the Kefalos big mountain Zini. While seeing the Kefalos bay view it can be noticed that for someone to reach the big mountain starting from the old castle point, only one road route allows this and this one has the shape of the letter 'S'. Finally, giving a sense to the left and right double lines on the logo, those are indicating the existence of that strong Mistral wind driving that ship to our Maistrali's taste of homemade.


Manolis wanted to dress Maistrali with stone as he believed that its inside as well as this outside decoration in combination of Maistrali's location will give to our customers what they deserve for visiting us, the great feeling of our Kefalos old village traditional taste.